Horseshoes are a popular medium for crafters and artisans and we continue to be impressed by what a little imagination and some Diamond Horseshoes can create!  Visit this page often to find featured artists, how-to videos and useful crafting information. 

If you have photos or tips you would like to share, please submit to - we'll look forward to hearing from you.


Featured Artist

Diamond Horseshoe Art by Charles Cornelius of Stone House Creations




Learn from the Pros

Diamond® Farrier Co. D.I.Y. Horseshoe Art Edition "How to Make a Horseshoe Pumpkin" featuring Diamond® Art Ambassador BarbieTheWelder. BarbieTheWelder demonstrates the steps to make a pumpkin out of Diamond® Classic horseshoes. If you are interested in becoming a Diamond® Art Ambassador, please email us at or call (866) 844-9622.

Please take proper safety measures before attempting this project.

Click here for more on BarbieTheWelder and her book "Horseshoe Crafts: More Than 30 Easy Projects to Weld at Home" featuring Diamond horseshoes.





Art Gallery

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If you have pictures of horseshoe art that you have created from Diamond shoes we would love to post them here.  Just email them to  


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