Farriers depend on good hand tools to be able to get shoes on with an appropriate fit to provide optimum performance. The selection of shoeing tools in the Diamond™ line provide solutions for a difficult, but critical, job.





12" Combination Shoe Puller / Spreader

  • Safely removes shoes from hooves
  • Exclusive pattern consisting of sharp teeth on outside edges for ease in spreading most shoe sizes and styles
  • Useful for cutting nails
  • Button rivet construction
SP12D - 12" Combination Shoe Puller / Spreader


12" Crease Nail Puller

  • Useful for removing nails from the crease of shoes
  • Precision forged from high quality steel for lasting durability
  • Button rivet construction
  • Polished head
  • A must-have for every farrier
NP12 - 12" Crease Nail Puller


10 oz. Driving Hammer

  • Heads forged from high quality steel
  • Hardwood handle
  • 10 oz.
  • Driving hammer is lightweight and perfectly balanced
FH10 - 10 oz. Farrier Driving Hammer

7 oz. Driving Hammer

  • Balanced hammer with "weight forward" design
  • High quality forged hammer head
  • Laminated handle for extra strength
  • Total hammer weight 11 oz.
DDH7E - 7 oz. Driving Hammer

14 oz. Farrier Driving Hammer

  • Heads forged from high quality steel
  • Hardwood handle
  • 14 oz.
  • Hammer that is the most useful weight for a wide variety of farrier applications
FH14 - 14 oz. Farrier Driving Hammer

24 oz. Rounding Hammer

  • Hammers feature one round, crowned face and one flat face
  • Beveled edges
  • Perfectly balanced with a hardwood handle
  • Lighter shaping hammer
  • 24 oz.
T60 - 24 oz. Rounding Hammer

36 oz. Rounding Hammer Handle

  • Replacement handle for the Diamond 36 oz. Rounding Hammer

DIRHH2 -  36 oz Rounding Hammer Handle



Clinchers & Cutters

12" Saddle Horse Clincher

  • For use on larger nails in saddle horse hooves
  • Forged from high quality steel
HC12 - 12" Saddle Horse Clincher


12" Goose Neck Clincher

  • Turns heads of smaller nails when shoeing ponies or race horses 
  • Forged from high quality steel
PC12 - 12" Goose Neck Clincher


12" Farrier Clincher

  • Designed to roll over high and low nails
  • Downward push with rolling action clinches nails
  • Forged from high quality steel
FC12 - 12" Farrier Clincher




Clinch Block

  • Hardened steel block encased in durable plastic cover
  • 10.5° block angle perfectly suited for starting clinches
  • No hand contact with steel
  • Improved grip and comfort in all conditions
DCB4 - Clinch Block

Clinch Cutter

  • Drop forged from high quality tool steel
  • Pritchel for cleaning and sizing nail holes on opposite side
  • Solid heads & large striking surface
  • Double-beveled for ambidextrous use
  • Flat surface for easy, close cutting
DCTR - Clinch Cutter

Double Clinch Groover/Gouge

  • Double-face for use with the left or right hand
  • Unique corrosion free titanium finish
  • Drop forged
  • Made in Germany
DCGD -  Double Clinch Groover/Gouge


Tongs and Pritchel



15" Farrier Tongs

  • Manufactured from special low carbon steel for lasting strength
  • Will not become brittle when quenched in water
  • Ideal for handling average size shoes
FT15 - 15" Farrier Tongs



12" Pritchel

  • Clears shoe nail holes
  • Flat design
  • 5/8” wide
P12D - 12" Pritchel