Diamond Tool Roll

  • Durable, waterproof tool roll with 8 pockets
  • Features two adjustable side release buckles and comfort grip handle
  • Ideal for travel and storage of Diamond Farrier tools
  • A must have for the farrier and horse owner on the go

TR08 - Tool Roll

Note: tools not included.



Diamond Tool Wrap

  • Versatile tape that works well as a gripping surface for tool handles
  • Tape fuses onto itself after two minutes and will not allow repositioning
  • Has a very high tensile strength
  • Will not melt up to 500°F, stays flexible to -60°F, and will stretch up to 300%
  • Resists UV rays and weathering
  • Tape roll is 10 ft. long

DIATAPE - Tool Wrap



Diamond Aprons

  • Comes in two sizes: Short – 22” and Long – 28”
  • Strong leather patches double stitched over a heavy-duty cotton apron 
  • Comes with two hoof knife pockets; stitched and riveted for extra durability
  • Featues an adjustable quick release buckle and Velcro leg straps
  • Handmade by skilled Dutch leather workers

STDAS - Diamond Apron Short (22")
STDAL - Diamond Apron Long (28")




Diamond Light Apron

  • Heavy-duty leather farrier apron with lightweight feel
  • Quick-release waist belt and adjustable leg straps
  • Knife pocket on each leg
  • Double stitched and riveted for added durability
  • Double leather pad provides excellent inner/outer
    leg protection

DECOA - Diamond Light Apron



10" Multi-purpose Fence Tool

  • Useful for work on wooden and steel posts on the ranch or farm
  • Starting and pulling point on one jaw with corrugated hammer head on the other
  • Front pulls staples, lifts lugs and splices wires
  • Wire stretcher located behind joint
  • Handles are coated with green plastic
DFT10 - 10" Multi-purpose Fence Tool



14" Crafting Rasp

  • An excellent option for those “Forged in Fire” viewers and others who are into making knives and ornamental items from farrier rasps
  • Made with 1045 grade steel
14CR - 14" Crafting Rasp