Diamond 2018 New Products

Diamond® Tracker

  • V-crease provides secure nail fit and more nail options
  • Punched for 5 City, 5 Slim and 5 Combo nails
  • Drop forged from high grade steel
  • Sole relief
  • Solid heel with additional width for support and traction applications
  • Generic pattern; unclipped
  • Boxed (safed) heels


14" Crafting Rasp

  • An excellent option for those “Forged in Fire” viewers and others who are into making knives and ornamental items from farrier rasps
  • May not be sharp enough to satisfy the farrier market
  • Made with 1045 grade steel
  • Packed in a shelf pack of 6 – priced by each but sold in box quantity only.



Diamond® Light Apron

  • Heavy-duty leather farrier apron with lightweight feel
  • Quick-release waist belt and adjustable leg straps
  • Knife pocket on each leg
  • Double stitched and riveted for added durability
  • Double leather pad provides excellent inner/outer
    leg protection


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