Diamond 2019 New Products

Diamond® Wood/Polyurethane Twist-On Rasp Handle

  • Made of a combination of polyurethane and hardwood for durability under tough conditions
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design for comfortable grip and reduced fatigue
  • Double-nut design ensures secure fit
  • Fits the Diamond rasps and many other hoof rasps

TG5PW - Diamond® Wood/Polyurethane Twist-On Rasp Handle


Diamond® All-In-One Sharpener

  • Multi-position tapered sharpening rod for curved blades
  • Removable coarse & fine diamond sharpening plates
  • Crossed carbide blade set for sharpening straight blades and crossed ceramic rod set for finishing
  • Leather strop for polishing and razor sharp finish   
  • Ergonomically shaped, foldable design
  • Even includes a bottle opener!

DKS1 - All-In-One Sharpener


Diamond® Mini Rasp

  • Sharp rasp side for easy hoof removal
  • Intermediate file side for clean finish
  • Ergonomic handle included
  • 13” overall length
  • Handy for working on foals, ponies and miniature horses
  • Compact design for easy one-handed use

HR8N -  Diamond Hoof Rasp Mini


Diamond® Rounding Hammers

  • Hammers feature one round, crowned face and one flat face
  • Balanced hammer with laminated wood handle
  • 1.8 lb. Rounding Hammer – Lighter shaping hammer, good for aluminum or light steel shoes
  • 2.2 lb. Rounding Hammer – Ideal hammer for cold shaping or forging heavier shoes

DRH1 - 1.8 lb. Rounding Hammer
DRH22 - 2.2 lb. Rounding Hammer
DRHS - Rounding Hammer Handle


Diamond® Inserts

  • The Diamond weld-in inserts include egg bar, straight bar, heart bar, side and toe inserts.

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