Diamond® Tool Roll

  • Durable, waterproof tool roll with 8 pockets
  • Features two adjustable side release buckles and comfort grip handle
  • Ideal for travel and storage of Diamond Farrier tools
  • A must have for the farrier and horse owner on the go

Note: tools not included.


Diamond® Hoofcare Products

Thrush Treatment

  • “Marking” gel formula does not run when applied 
  • Reduces bacteria and fungi without harming the surrounding tissue
  • Bonds to the hoof protein to form a barrier between thrush and healthy tissue
  • Blue color shows where product has been applied
  • Flexible tip applicator for better placement of treatment
    18 bottles per case



Hoof Defender (Hoof Protectant)

  • Reduces bacteria and fungi on the hoof wall, sole and frog
  • Boosts the natural resistance of the hoof against diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungi 
  • Can be applied to the coronary band
  • Built-in applicator
  • 12 bottles per case



Hoof Conditioner

  • Dual-action hoof conditioner
  • Provides a barrier against infection 
  • Helps maintain a healthy moisture balance in hoof
  • Replaces natural protein worn off from hoof
  • Built-in applicator
  • 12 bottles per case



Diamond® Double Edged Hoof Knife

  • Removes excess sole and trims the frog
  • New stainless steel blade maintains sharp edge for clean, fast cuts
  • Hardwood handle
  • Comfortable grip

Diamond® Toeing Knives

  • Made of extremely sharp 5Cr15 Steel
  • Ergonomically shaped, soft grip handle
  • Available in Model 280 (blade length - 5-5/8”) and Model 330 (blade length - 5-1/2”)





Diamond® Pad Shears

  • 9" pad shears
  • Easily cut and shape all hoof pad materials such as leather, hard plastic, and soft plastic
  • Teeth on cutting surface grip material to prevent slippage while cutting
  • Spring loaded handle for easy, 1-handed operation
  • Locking mechanism on base of handle for storage
  • German made from high quality steel


Diamond® Horse Rasp

The new, improved Diamond Horse Rasp features a unique steel blend that is more durable than its predecessor.  This means the rasp stays sharper, longer.  The teeth are clog resistant, making this rasp perfect for wet or dry conditions.  The Diamond Farrier Rasp also features a fine file side that leaves the hoof with a smooth, show quality finish.



Diamond® Tool Wrap

  • Versatile tape that works well as a gripping surface for tool handles
  • Tape fuses onto itself after two minutes and will not allow repositioning
  • Has a very high tensile strength
  • Will not melt up to 500°F, stays flexible to -60°F, and will stretch up to 300%
  • Resists UV rays and weathering
  • Tape roll is 10 ft. long


Diamond® Aprons

  • Comes in two sizes: Short – 22” and Long – 28”
  • Strong leather patches double stitched over a heavy-duty cotton apron 
  • Comes with two hoof knife pockets; stitched and riveted for extra durability
  • Featues an adjustable quick release buckle and Velcro leg straps
  • Handmade by skilled Dutch leather workers




Diamond® Anvils

  • Large work area to accommodate a wide variety of shoes

  • 1" hardie hole and pritchel hole

  • Rounded, tapered heel with turning cams

  • Three models are available: two are all steel (78 and 84 lbs.) and one model has an aluminum base (55 lbs.)




Diamond® Stall Jacks

  • Available in 19" and 23" models
  • Turning cam
  • Large work area to accommodate a wide variety of shoes



Diamond® Loop Knife

  • Stainless steel blade maintains sharp edge for clean, fast cuts
  • Double blade design eliminates need for carrying both right hand and left hand knives
  • Narrow loop design allows for precise trimming of frog
  • Comfortable grip means less fatigue during extended use
  • Blade easily sharpened for lasting durability and quality
  • Hardwood handle

Diamond® Rasp Handle

  • Made of polyurethane material for durability under tough conditions
  • Features a double-nut design to ensure a secure fit
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and is light-weight for reduced fatigue
  • Designed for the Diamond farrier rasp but will fit many other hoof rasps as well
  • Individually packed in boxes of 10

Diamond® Tracker

  • V-crease provides secure nail fit and more nail options
  • Punched for 5 City, 5 Slim and 5 Combo nails
  • Drop forged from high grade steel
  • Sole relief
  • Solid heel with additional width for support and traction applications
  • Generic pattern; unclipped
  • Boxed (safed) heels