The Diamond Tool Starter Kit is an excellent assortment for stores looking to either start selling farrier tools or refresh their current set. This kit includes a display unit that is approximately 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall and is stocked with the most popular Diamond tools. The kit ships with all items shown in the image. A planogram is included in the kit for ease of display setup. Please contact your sales rep for questions or pricing.


DTHG2 - Diamond 7-piece Tool Display (1)
14DN - Diamond 14" Economy Hoof Nipper (2)
FN15 - Diamond 15" Hoof Nipper (2)
SP12D - Diamond 12" Shoe Puller (2)
HC12 - Diamond 12" Horse Clincher (2)
NP12 - Diamond 12" Nail Puller (2)
DNTP - Diamond 10" Nail Cutter (2)
HR8N - Diamond Mini-Rasp (2)
FH10 - Diamond 10oz Driving Hammer (2)
TG4NTS - Diamond Screw-on Rasp Handle (2)
D271L - Diamond Hoof Knife, Left Hand Narrow Blade (2)
D271R - Diamond Hoof Knife, Right Hand Narrow Blade (2)
HR14N - Diamond 14" Hoof Rasp (2)