Frog Dressing

  • Gel formula that does not run when applied 
  • Reduces bacteria and fungi without harming the surrounding tissue
  • Bonds to the hoof protein to form a barrier between thrush and healthy tissue
  • Blue color shows where product has been applied
  • Flexible tip applicator for better placement of treatment
    18 bottles per case

DTT40 - Frog Dressing

Hoof Defender
(Hoof Protectant)

  • Reduces bacteria and fungi on the hoof wall, sole and frog
  • Boosts the natural resistance of the hoof against diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungi 
  • Can be applied to the coronary band
  • Built-in applicator
  • 12 bottles per case

DHD75 - Hoof Defender (Hoof Protectant)

210ml Cartridge Applicator Gun

  • Weighs up to 1/2 lb. less than other guns
  • Fits cartridges in 200 and 210ml varieties.
DD21C - Diamond 210 Cartridge Applicator