Vettec XL Dispensing
Gun 210cc

Diamond 210cc Cartridge
Applicator Gun

  • Long trigger/handle
  • Plastic cartridge keeper
  • Durable side load frame
  • Easy dispensing and less hand fatigue
  • Easy to load and unload cartridges
  • Holds cartridge securely during dispensing
  • Weighs up to 1/2 lb. less than other guns
  • Applicator fits cartridges in 200 and 210cc varieties



Vettec Mixing Tips

Vettec Dual Speed Applicator

  • Fits 210cc cartridges
  • Available in pack of 12, 25 and 100 tips
  • Mix tip inserts into cartridge ports for clean, leak-free dispensing
  • Provides consistent and accurate mixing
  • Locking collar secures mix tip attachment
  • Fits 210cc cartridges
  • “2 speed” feature
  • One setting similar to the normal dispenser, as well as a second setting, which dispenses at a much faster rate
  • Puts out more material with less pumps