2021 New Products



Diamond Tool Improvements

New, higher quality tools, including the Diamond Crease Nail Puller, 12" and 15" Hoof Nippers, Pulloff/Spreader, Saddle Horse Clincher and 10" Nail Cutter, are now available.

Find a dealer new you at www.diamondfarrierusa.com/locator.


Diamond Farrier Co. is now the exclusive distributor in the U.S. and Canada of Vettec Bovine products.


Bovi-Bond™ 210cc

Bovi-Bond 210cc is packaged in an industry standard cartridge and holds 30% more material than prior models, giving you more material for your money.

Set Time: 30 Sec.


  • Easy twist off cap; no tools needed to open. Compatible with standard 200cc applicators.

  • Robust cartridge and lock-in key mix tip for more consistent results.





XL Hoof Block

• Larger size allows proper fit for larger cows
• More sole coverage than traditional block
• Supports both heel and toe
• Can be trimmed to smaller size if needed
• Provides superior traction on difficult surfaces




Rubber Cow Blocks

Rubber Blocks provide unsurpassed traction and comfort on wet and slippery surfaces.
(50 per case)




Thin Rubber Cow Blocks

Thin Rubber Cow Blocks are recommended for minor lameness to offer relief from weight-bearing stress. High-performing, 3/8-inch thick rubber blocks provide unsurpassed traction and comfort on slippery and wet surfaces. Use with Bovi-Bond Blocking Adhesive. Thinner than Bovi-Bond traditional rubber hoof block.




Wood Cow Blocks

Wood Blocks provide protection and comfort to your cows.





Vettec XL Dispensing Gun 210cc

Vettec’s XL Dispensing Gun is made in England and accommodates all 200 and 210cc cartridges. Convenient side loading design and plastic cartridge holder secures the cartridge so it doesn’t move during use. The long trigger/handle provides excellent leverage for easy dispensing and less hand fatigue.





Vettec Mixing Tips 210cc

  • Fits 210cc cartridges

  • Available in pack of 10 or 25 tips

  • Mix tip inserts into cartridge ports for clean, leak-free dispensing

  • Provides consistent and accurate mixing

  • Locking collar secures mix tip attachments





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