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Diamond Hoof Care Products
Lead the Charge Against Chronic Hoof Disease

Having a Game Plan
The first line of defense against hoof disease is usually the farrier.  While horse owners may want you to quickly eliminate a suspected hoof infection in one treatment (as part of the routine trimming and shoeing), it will be important to provide sound advice in the form of a game plan.

The reality is, deeply rooted infections like white line disease and chronic thrush are nearly impossible to kill with one application of a strong topical agent.

Bacteria and fungi are very adept at hiding among healthy hoof tissue through millions of years of evolution.  One application of a strong chemical agent will not stop them.  Unless you can get to the infection early enough, repeated use of these strong chemical agents can be counter productive. Caustic chemicals can be deadly to bacteria and fungi, but their continued use is usually harmful to the surrounding healthy hoof tissue and will slow the healing process.

A game plan that works
Step 1. Once a hoof disease is diagnosed, the farrier should get the horse owner to share in the responsibility for the follow-up treatment. 

Step 2. Removing diseased tissue and trimming the frog are important steps to be done by the farrier. This opens up the hooves to oxygen which gives them a head start to the healing process.  Improperly trimmed hooves prevent oxygen from getting in crevices.

Step 3. The horse owner should insure that the feet are cleaned regularly by washing and to keep the affected areas open for oxygen by picking and brushing.  The farrier should also recommend the horse owner’s use of topical products with a proven track record against hoof disease such as Diamond Hoof Care products, which have been proven safe and effective for over 25 years.

The Diamond Hoof Care Products are developed formulas that stop bacteria and fungi without harming sensitive surrounding tissue. The formulas are not caustic and can be used as often as necessary to keep infection under control and gives healthy hoof tissue a chance to grow and prosper.

Even if you don’t kill all the organisms initially, repeated and consistent use with the right products may kill enough of them to slow the advancement of the disease to the point that it may grow out with successive trimmings.

Frog Dressing Gains Popularity
The Diamond Frog Dressing has a unique gel formula that turns diseased hoof tissue a dark blue color.  The gel formula that does not run when applied.

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